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Click here to buy Kyocera 7 inch Serrated Bread Knife by Kyocera.
Kyocera 7 inch Serrated Bread Knife
In stock at Home Depot
on 12-12-2017.
Product Description
Kyocera's 7 in. serrated/slicing bread knife is ideal for slicing larger foods such as heads of lettuce, cabbage and melons. The serrated edge glides through softer foods such as breads and anything with a soft skin such as tomatoes and nectarines. The 7 in. blade is also great when slicing larger fish or meats. The FK Revolution series offers, more knuckle clearance and comfortable ergonomic handles providing precise control. The Revolution series is designed for slicing fruits, vegetables and boneless meats. Zirconium oxide blades stay razor sharp at least 10 times longer than traditional cutlery, making them ideal for everyday use.
Key Features
  • Ceramic blade ground to microscopic precision by diamond wheels for rock-like edge with excellent sharpness retention
  • Secret is in the ceramic material, zirconium oxide, a material only second to diamond in hardness
  • Ceramic blades will never rust or change from their natural state
  • Sharpen using Kyocera electric sharpener or mail to Kyocera for a nominal fee of 10 $ for shipping and handling
  • Dishwasher safe top rack only

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