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Whirlpool 5.8 cu. ft. Gas Range with Self-Cleaning Convection Oven in Stainless Steel
In stock at Home Depot
on 3-23-2018.
Product Description
Whether it's dinner for two or a family of four or more, this Gas Range with Self-Cleaning Convection Oven featured in a sleek, stainless steel finish has the space and performance you need to cook all of your favorites meals. With a 5.8 cu. ft. capacity and fan convection cooking, you'll be able to bake on any rack with flavorful results. The gas range's cooktop features a 17,000-BTU SpeedHeat burner that quickly boils water and a center burner that gives you space to cook up to five dishes at once. Edge-to-edge grates extend across the entire cooktop, so you don't have to balance large pots on small burners. Their secure design makes cooking with large pots and pans seamless.
  • 5.8 cu. ft. capacity gives you the room to cook a main dish and side dishes at the same time
  • Cooktop features a 17,000 BTU-SpeedHeat burner, a 15,000 BTU high-output burner, a multi-purpose 9500 BTU burner, a multi-purpose 8000 BTU center burner, and a 5000 BTU AccuSimmer burner for great cooking power and flexibility when cooking multiple dishes at once
  • AccuSimmer burner gives you the control you need to melt chocolate and simmer sauces just right
  • Bake on any rack with fan convection cooking; it fills the entire oven with heat, so no matter which rack you use, you still get great results
  • AccuBake temperature management system achieves uniform baking results every time - a built-in sensor monitors oven temperature and controls the cooking elements to deliver consistent, delicious results every time
  • Storage drawer provides a convenient place to store pots and pans
  • Reliable electronic touch oven controls are easy-to-use and offer precise temperature adjustment
  • AquaLift self-cleaning technology uses only water and low heat to help remove baked-on foods from the bottom of the oven, giving you odor-free cleaning without harsh chemicals in only 50 minutes
  • EasyView large oven window provides easy viewing of the oven's interior without opening the oven door and allowing heat to escape
  • Hidden Bake Element is hidden beneath the oven floor, creating a smooth, even surface that is easy to wipe clean
  • One standard oven rack and one max capacity recessed rack; the adjustable, max capacity rack makes room for large items and sits low in the oven to crisp the bottom of pie crusts, pizzas and more
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