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HOME basics Dish Drainer Set in Bronze (3-Piece)
In stock at Home Depot
on 12-28-2017.
Product Description
We understand drying stacks upon stacks of dirty dishes and wiping countertops down dry after washing is a big enough chore as it is. Which is why we made this convenient and stylish 3-piece vinyl coated steel dish drainer to help get this unnecessary burden off your plate. 8 evenly space slots let you neatly stack plates for drying or displaying, while the 2 compartment cutlery holder with perforated bottoms provide an organized way to air dry or showcase silverware. The dishrack also provides ample space to store mugs, cups, glasses and bowls, as well as a sloping tray for excess water to transfer directly to the sink and away from your countertops.
  • Made of vinyl coated steel
  • Perfect for air drying or storing dishware
  • Compact design makes the most of kitchens with limited space
  • Plastic tray prevents water from dripping onto countertops
  • Simple design to coordinate with any kitchen style
  • Fits neatly on countertops



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