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Jacob Bromwell Round Aluminum Pie Dish
In stock at Home Depot
on 12-28-2017.
Product Description
"As American as apple pie". That phrase likely wouldn't exist without our Golden Era Pie Plates. In fact, if the words "pie plates" have never sent shivers of wonder and historical excitement down your spine, they will now. A rich part of American history, our pie plates have not always been used just for pie. During the mid-19th century, those resourceful miners and pioneers of the Old West took these same pie plates - or pie pans - and used them to pan for gold during the California Gold Rush of 1848. Today, we've packaged them as a Set of 2, so you can use them for baking something scrumptious for your next family gathering. You might just strike gold.
  • Packaged in a Set of 2, these pie plates were originally used in the California gold rush of 1848 to pan for gold
  • A Jacob Bromwell original design, bromwell is the original manufacturer of these quality pie plates, other companies may imitate the original bromwell design, none are made as well, and none have the history to back them up
  • Truly an American classic, whether for decoration or cooking those great family recipe pies, get this American classic for your home today
  • Product care: hand wash only, do not place in dishwasher
  • Minor cosmetic imperfections may occur; small imperfections are a natural part of the handmade process and lend charm, depth, and individuality to each piece



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