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Food Saver Liquid Block Heat-Seal Barrier Bags Quart 12 CT
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on 3-21-2018.
Product Description
  • Food Saver Liquid Block Heat-Seal Barrier Bags Quart.
  • The #1 vacuum sealing system.
  • Keeps liquid away from seal.
  • Keeps food fresh up to 5x longer.
  • Liquid block strip traps moisture.
  • ThickShield bag protection prevents freezer burn.
  • Best performing vacuum storage bag*.
  • Works with: FoodSaver Heat-Seal Vacuum Sealing Systems.
  • Quart size (950 ml).
  • Ideal for sealing moist and juicy foods
  • Keeps food fresh
  • Works with FoodSaver vacuum sealing systems
  • Product Reviews
    I bought these by mistake. I meant to get the regular quart size bags. However, this was a great mistake. I use my Food Saver when I purchase meat. Especially hamburger or other ground meats. This week I bought some and decided to use these. It has a strip of absorbing material near the top of the bag. It feels like a heavy paper towel. It is the width of the bag and about an inch to a inch and a half of material. It is working great. All the meats I have packed before had a small amount of fluid in them. With this package, that fluid is trapped and unable to interfere with the seal. I tried to make a trap before with a paper towel, however it was messy and did not work very well. When I opened the package the towel shredded and I had to spend some time clearing it out of the stoted meat. This workes much better. It is sealef to the bag and stays out of the way when removing the contents.



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