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8 inch Copper Frying Pan
In stock at Home Depot
on 12-28-2017.
Product Description
Life is incredibly hectic trying to balance work, school and the family, which makes providing healthy meals fall low on the list of priorities. With this 8 in. frying pan, provide healthy meals for your family, which will promote a healthy lifestyle for them down the road. This incredible pan is made from copper ceramic and has a non-stick coating, which will prevent you from slathering your pans with butter, which is known to clog arteries. This versatile copper frying pan is perfect to use on an induction stovetop and is oven safe. The durability of this pan exceeds the expectations of its competitors and is easy to clean. Just wash the copper pan with warm water and be conscious not to scratch the ceramic interior with abrasive cleaners or metallic utensils. It is advised to use plastic, nylon, or wooden utensils, instead. This is a perfect utility frying pan for the college student or young bachelor, but is also durable enough for the large family who wears out pots and pans, quickly. This non-stick frying pan is 100% Eco-friendly and is certified PFTE & PFOA Free.
  • non-stick coating: the pan has a non-stick coating in the interior of the pan, which prevents food from sliding off the pan or sticking to the pan
  • Special features this incredible pan is ultra-durable and oven safe up to 420° F
  • Easy to clean - use warm water and soap to clean the pan; make sure to use plastic, nylon, or wooden utensils to clean the pan; avoid abrasive cleaners or metallic utensils
  • 100% Eco-friendly Certified PTFE and PFOA free



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