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Crystal Art Gallery Rustic Wood Wine Rack Barn Door Glassware Cabinet
In stock at Home Depot
on 12-24-2017.
Product Description
You love wine; you have your favorite grapes, your favorite vineyards and your favorite vintages. But do you have a favorite place to keep your finds? This wooden wine cabinet is the perfect storage solution, and brings an element of rustic charm into the comfort of your own home. The center section is made up of wine rack shelves in a wooden slat style, with slots for twenty standard wine bottles. The left and right sections of the cabinet are designed for glassware, with wine glass racks built into the shelving. The front features a sliding barn door of rustic wood with metal details. The unique barn door construction of this cabinet allows you to position the wooden front exactly where youd like, so you can showcase the most aesthetically pleasing contents and tidy the rest out of sight. The classic combination of wood and metal is one of the most iconic elements of farmhouse decor, yet these timeless materials also make it easy to incorporate into a wide variety of styles. Enjoy this functional and decorative piece in a modern farmhouse kitchen, vintage inspired dining room, or a living room influenced by industrial design. Place it on the floor to use as a living room sideboard or dining room credenza, or mount it on the wall for kitchen storage.
  • Wine storage this cabinet is specially designed to house numerous wine bottles and wine glasses, but can also be used for other storage needs
  • Country charm planked wood with metal accents brings a rustic farmhouse look to your home
  • Versatile this wine cabinet can be hung on the wall or used with other furniture pieces to suit your individual space
  • Decorative and practical this wine and glassware cabinet serves as both functional storage and eye-catching d├ęcor



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