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Brod & Taylor KS Tungsten Carbide Pocket Knife Sharpener
In stock at Home Depot
on 12-28-2017.
Product Description
Superior patented Austrian sharpening technology is the fastest way to sharpen any knife - and keep it sharp without removing metal. Ultra-hard precision ground tungsten carbide sharpeners are custom made in Austria by the same company that manufactures cutters that tunnel through solid rock mountains. Patented spring-action design auto-adjusts to different blade angle (12° to 20° half-angle) to sharpen and hone any blade, from fine edged filet knives to sturdy chopping blades. Even hones serrated knives. Pull in one direction to quickly cut a precise bevel on very dull and damaged knives. Pull in the opposite direction to hone to a sharp edge and maintain sharpness without removing metal. Honing functions like a sharpening steel but faster and easier, realigning the cutting edge from two sides at once. Folds flat to a compact size for pocket or easy storage. Sturdy lanyard ring. Great for fishing, hunting, camping or kitchen use. Simple sharpening instructions inside.
  • Superior patented austrian sharpening technology
  • Fastest way to sharpen any knife and keep it sharp without removing metal
  • Precision tungsten carbide sharpeners custom made in austria
  • Ultra-hard sharpeners auto-adjust to blade angle (12° to 20° angle)
  • Hone serrated knives (right side serrations)
  • Folds flat for pocket or storage
  • Non-slip high friction grip coating
  • Sturdy lanyard ring



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