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Paragon Contempo Pop 4 oz. Popcorn Machine
In stock at Home Depot
on 3-21-2018.
Product Description
If you are looking for the highest quality popcorn machine in the market, you will find it in the Contempo Pop 4. High Output, hard coat anodized aluminum kettle - Easy-to-clean. Stainless steel food zone and tempered glass panels. Old maid drawer, Built in warming deck. Matching stand built to fit for a custom úsingle unitĚ look has a wraparound door. Paragon's American-made Contempo Pop popcorn machines are unparalleled in quality and workmanship and are comparable to commercial popcorn machines you find at the movie theaters. Contemporary black machine, sliver accents and smoked glass. The stand is sold separately. #1 seller with consumers. 4 oz. - Pops 92 one ounce servings per hour. Ideal for home use.
  • High-output, hard-coat anodized aluminum kettle
  • Kettle handle is operated by simply rotating the handle right to release kettle
  • Side-hinged kettle
  • Stirrer is screwed in at counter clockwise direction for easy cleaning and replacing
  • Heavy duty gear motor all metal gears
  • Sturdy cabinet construction
  • Stainless steel food zone and tempered glass panels
  • Presentation lamp
  • Easy-to-use which is powered by two switches, one switch operates the light and one operates the kettle



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