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Charcoal Companion Non-Stick Adjustable Sausage Grilling Basket
In stock at Home Depot
on 12-28-2017.
Product Description
This Sausage Grilling Basket from Charcoal Companion features nonstick framework with adjustable height to hold up to six sausages or hot dogs firmly in place. The rosewood handle is easy to grasp and resists heat, allowing you to perform grill maneuvers with a flick of the wrist. This handy device eliminates the potential for runaway wieners on your grill deck, at the same time expediting your sausage-cooking exploits.
  • Place sausages in basket, latch top and place on the grill
  • 1 flip turns up to 6 sausages at once
  • Rosewood handle stays cool longer and keeps hands away from the heat of the grill
  • Nonstick coated heavy-gauge metal is easy to clean
  • Accepts bun-length and standard hot dogs
  • Suitable for charcoal, gas and electric grills



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