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Carlisle Seafood Supermarket Complete Kit of Blue Cleaning Tools
In stock at Home Depot
on 12-28-2017.
Product Description
Complete kit of cleaning tools designed to assist in restaurant HACCP cross contamination programs in restaurants and commercial kitchens. This complete kit of Sparta Spectrum cleaning tools is perfect for zone or task recognition in your business, church, school or even your favorite color at home. Consists of basic cleaning tools and floor care tools for every possible cleaning application. Commercial quality products for your every personal need.
  • Kit contains a 17 in. color coordinated brush and broom rack to keep bristles straight and products ready to use
  • Each kit contains a wall chart for restaurant use which has product numbers which allow you to order replacement parts as they are needed
  • Basic cleaning brushes included: 8 in. and 20 in. utility scrub brushes, knife cleaning brush, iron style handle scrub brush; brush rack and a wall chart
  • Basic floor care items included are: 56 in. angle broom, bi-level scrub brush and 60 in. handle, heavy duty drain brush and handle, brush rack and a wall chart



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