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Charcoal Companion Skewer Prep Station with Skewers
In stock at Home Depot
on 12-3-2017.
Product Description
With Charcoal Companion's Skewer Express Easy Kabob Loader, now you can make six delicious kabobs in seconds. This efficient system makes it faster, easier and less messy to put together delicious kabobs for the grill. The station features six channels that will hold the ingredients for your meal in place, then guide you so you can skewer them through the center all at once. Simply place your pieces of meat or vegetables into the prep station's channels, close the lid and slide your stainless steel skewer through the guide holes. Your skewers will be filled and ready to hit the grill. This tray also makes it convenient to sprinkle on spices or drizzle on marinade, catching any excess. Finally, avoid the shifting and rolling you experience while carrying kabobs on a plate by using the tray to securely transport uncooked kabobs to the grill.
Key Features
  • Features six prep channels and six skewers, so you can prep an entire meal in seconds
  • Keeps kabob ingredients centered and steady as you pierce them with the skewer
  • Guide holes keep your skewer on track throughout the entire length of the kabob
  • Can be used to carry kabobs from the kitchen to the grill

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