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Sauce Maker Vegetable & Fruit Strainer
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on 5-29-2018.
Product Description
This large food press is a low-stress strainer for pureeing tomatoes, prepared apples for sauce or turning grownup food into baby-friendly mash. Designed to fit over any pot with a capacity of 4 to 10 quart. The mill is made of rust-proof aluminum, so it's safe-to-use with acidic foods. Manual food press processor with stand and wooden pestle for pressing and processing food. Ideal for canning needs. 7.63 inch W x 9.94 inch H x 11.75 inch L.
Sauce Maker Vegetable & Fruit Strainer
Product Reviews
What you see in the picture above and on the box is not what comes in the box. The one in the box is cheaper and the pestle has a pointed end. You can also cut your hand (like I did) where the edge of the grate overlaps the ring at the top.I contacted Mirro who manufacturers this and the response was they don't make the one pictured anymore. They would never respond to my question about packaging and how it's mis-representing the contents.Finally . . . it's cheaply made and definitely not worth the price paid.



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