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ISPRING 19,200 GPD 0.1 Micron 3 Year Ultrafiltration Water Filter System
In stock at Home Depot
on 2-27-2018.
Product Description
The WU301 Microfiltration system features a state-of-the-art Hollow Fiber Technology 0.1 micron membrane, only second to Reverse Osmosis membranes. It uses standard home water pressure to push water through the membrane, which rejects the suspended particles and materials of high molecular weight, leaving you with only crystal clear clean water and dissolved minerals. The same technology is used to produce clean water in medical facilities and personal filters. CDC verifies that Microfiltration has "very high effectiveness in removing protozoa (for example, Cryptosporidium, Giardia) and bacteria (for example, Campylobacter, Salmonella, Shigella, E. coli)". The trapped impurities will be flushed out via the DIRT outlet to greatly extend the UF membrane lifespan up to 3 years. Straightforward Installation: 1. Mount the stainless steel housing near Point of Water Entry (Avoid freezing and heat). 2. Install 3/4 in. shutoff valve with proper length of drain pipe onto the 3/4 in. DIRT outlet. 3. Connect 3/4 in. inlet to the water source pipe. 4. Connect 3/4 in. outlet to the water pipe into the house. 5. Optional carbon filter can be used to improve water taste. 6. Upon first use, open both CLEAN and DIRT outlet, and flush the system for 20 - 30 minutes. Maintenance: 1. Frequent flushes will greatly extend the filter life and maintain high water quality. 5-10 minutes per week is recommended. 2. The UF membrane should never be left dry to avoid permanent damage.
  • 0.1 micron ultrafiltration removes tiniest particles in water including virus and bacteria
  • Same technology used in personal filters and medical facilities to produce safe drinkable water
  • 19,200 GPD or 12 Gal. per min volume with little pressure loss, back flushable up to 3 years
  • Specifications: O.D. 6 in, L 40 in; 3/4 in. NPT male ports; temperature: 45° F - 120° F; water pressure: 35 psi - 90 psi; filtration level: 0.1 micron; volume: 19,200 GPD / 12 GPM; lifespan: 3 years (flushed weekly); psi reduction from input to output: 5 psi
  • Manufacturer-direct sale, genuine high quality filter for city and well water
  • 30-day money back and 1-year satisfaction guarantee, lifetime support Atlanta facility (678)261-7611
  • Removes the tiniest particles including microorganisms



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