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ISPRING 3-Stage Under Sink High Capacity Tankless Drinking Water Filtration System
In stock at Home Depot
on 3-23-2018.
Product Description
The WCC31 3-stage filtration system provides on demand drinking water at a fantastic cost. The system houses a 5 micron sediment filter in the first stage, followed by two 5 micron CTO carbon block filters in the second and third stages. The sediment filter removes things like dust, particles and rust, trapping them in the many layers of polypropylene filtration. The dual CTO carbon block filters remove chlorine, VOCs and common chemicals, all contributing to clearing up water clarity, taste and odors. The WCC31 comes standard with clear filter housings, providing easy visual filter inspection. Also included with the system is the feed water adapter needed to supply water to the system from your cold water line and the drinking water faucet used to supply filtered water from the system.
  • Fast flow rate with no waiting time for water production and up to 10X more effective than the common pitcher dispenser
  • 3 stages of filtration: sediment filter and 2x CTO carbon block filters
  • Removes sediment, chlorine, organic chemicals (VOCs) and more to produce colorless, tasteless and odorless purified water
  • Transparent filter housings allow for visual filter cartridge monitoring, tested by independent third-party to meet NSF/ANSI standard and used BPA free food-grade material
  • Lead-free drinking faucet included



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