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Pelican Water 1 Stage Whole House Water Filtration System
In stock at Home Depot
on 3-23-2018.
Product Description
Many municipalities add chlorine or chloramines to the water supply, which, in addition to having an unpleasant odor, can damage and dry your skin and hair. By filtering chlorine, chloramines, and other contaminants, you'll enjoy cleaner, spring-like water from every tap in the house. Now you can enjoy softer skin and hair, free of the drying effects of chemicals. Also, savor the difference in the kitchen, by cooking and brewing coffee and tea with tastier, filtered water. The system filters water at the point-of-entry to the home with zero wasted water, drainage, or chemical discharge. That means you're choosing sustainability for your home and the environment. No electricity is required to operate the system, which further reduces your ecological footprint. This 1-Stage Whole House Water Filter systems is easy to assemble and install, so you don't need to hassle with an expensive installation process or costly long-term maintenance. With better than bottled water quality from every tap in the home, you'll save lots of money.
  • Capacity: 5 GPM
  • Recommended filter change is approximately three months in a typical home - or when 10 PSI pressure drop is recorded
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Produces results that yield softer skin and hair
  • Great tasting water, coffee, tea, and juices
  • Better than bottled water from every tap in your home
  • Does not waste water
  • Requires no electricity
  • Easy installation (inside or outside)
  • No drain required
  • Oversize filters improve flow rate and reduce maintenance frequency
  • Designed specifically for city / municipal water (not to be used with microbiologically unsafe water)
  • All filter cartridge materials and components are FDA-compliant, making them ideal for use in residential, food service and commercial drinking water applications
  • 5-micron, activated carbon filtration for filtering organic solvents
  • Filter cartridge has been tested and certified by NSF international against NSF/ANSI standard 42 for material requirements only



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