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Selecto SuperPlus 14 inch Whole House Ultra-Filtration Water Filter System
In stock at Home Depot
on 3-23-2018.
Product Description
Selecto SuperPlus 14 in. Ultra-filtration Water Filter System - Bring the same advanced water filtration technology used in the commercial food industry to your entire home. The SuperPlus 14 in. provides greater capacity and heavy duty performance versus comparable systems. The SuperPlus filtration system features our patented three stage water filtration technology for great tasting, clean water for your family. The three stage filter reduces total chlorine, off-taste, and organics such as dirt, sediment, scale, soil, silt, and rust for both soft and hard water. The patented, state-of-the-art carbon technology found only in SuperPlus ensures clean, clear water in your entire home with parallel flow for minimal pressure drops. Best of all - its easy to install. Filter replacement takes only a few minutes without tools, and its modular housing provides the most hygienic process.
  • Ultra-filtration technology provides the best tasting, healthy water with 97% scale reduction, excellent scale reduction improves performance of water heater thereby increasing efficiency
  • Reduces iron particulate by 99%, reduces copper particulate by 99%, reduces aluminum particulate by 99%
  • Micron rating 0.1, NSF class one particles reduction 99%, chlorine reduction 99%, bacteria reduction 99%, cyst reduction 99%, hydrogen sulfite reduction 98%, trihalomethane reduction 98%, turbidity reduction 99.9%
  • 2,565,000 million square meters of filtration media surface area delivers consistent, excellent performance
  • 300,000 Gal. capacity at 10 GPM
  • Chlorine reduction at max rated flow
  • Outlet pressure gauge to detect drops in water pressure
  • Temperature range between 34°F and 100°F
  • Minimum pressure: 40 psi maximum pressure: 120 psi
  • QRC label for product registration and fast filter replacement
  • Easy to install and replace filter cartridges
  • Alternative to water softeners
  • Spare parts kit included



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