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Libbey Signature Westbury 25.75 oz. Red Wine Glass Set (4-Pack)
In stock at Home Depot
on 3-23-2018.
Product Description
From the way it feels in your hand to the way it rests on your table, the Libbey Signature Westbury 4-piece, 25.75-ounce Red Wine Glass Set possesses a singular beauty. Known as the finest American-made stemware on the market, the Signature family attains unprecedented levels of brightness, clarity and resilience via a revolutionary glassmaking process. And the Westbury line brings eye-catching loftiness, graceful curves and a wide bowl to your celebration. This soaring, oversized red wine glass is a true showstopper. But its striking height and dramatic profileanchored by its steadfast, stable footare just the beginning. Lift the glass and caress its tall and slender pulled stem, appreciating the seamless transition up to the ample round bowl, which gently cradles your red wine. Then swirl the wine and breathe in the aromas and flavors being released. Finally, touch your lips to the finely honed rim and complete your sensual journey. With Signature Westbury, you and your guests will want every sipand every momentto last forever.
  • Luxurious signature family is known as the finest American-made stemware on the market; state-of-the-art ClearFire glass composition provides thinner walls of superior brilliance and strength
  • Reinforced flat foot delivers extra stability; strikingly tall pulled stem creates solid and seamless transition to large red wine bowl; laser-cut rim offers even, beadless, chip-resistant edge
  • Durable and dishwasher safe for quick, easy cleanup; to help preserve your glassware, please refer to our general glass handling guidelines
  • Lead-free
  • Includes 4, 25.75 oz. red wine glasses



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