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Nachtmann Muse 17.6 oz. White Wine Glasses in Clear with Gold Trim (Set of 2)
In stock at Home Depot
on 3-23-2018.
Product Description
Nachtmann is fine Bavarian Crystal with a long tradition in manufacturing hand- and machine made stemware as well as gift items. Nachtmann is the "Lifestyle Divison of Reidel Glassworks" and is an internationally renowned brand for lifestyle-conscious customers who set a high value on a beautiful ambience. This new collection of Nachtmann features decorative wine stems and tumblers of superior quality. The appeal of crystal from Nachtmann lies in its unique brilliance and perfect finish. In our production we attach great importance to reaching the highest quality standards, using the purest raw materials and employing technology that is environmentally friendly. Let MUSE inspire you! Luxuriantly decorated using real gold in a Greek key design, these glasses are the very essence of opulence and savior vivre. The classical decoration of MUSE hints not only at antique architecture, richly ornamented reliefs and friezes, but also stylistic elements which grace contemporary fashion and sophisticated interior design.
  • Includes: White wine set of 2
  • Decorated using real gold
  • 17-2/3 oz.
  • Glasses are the very essence of opulence and savior vivre



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