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Pensofal Army 4-Piece VapSi Wok/Steamer
In stock at Home Depot
on 3-23-2018.
Product Description
This innovative VapSi Wok Set is also a multi-use patented steam pot. Use as a wok to stir fry meat and vegetables or insert the perforated rack and it becomes a steamer. Inaddition to steaming, you can re-heat or defrost food-or-cook two meals at once; fry and steam at the same time. Set includes one 11 in. wok, lid, steamer tray and tongs. Featuring Bioceramix, a new and special non-stick coating exclusive to pensofal technology, make your favorite recipes and you healthier by cooking with the benefits of non-stick cookeware. Composed of several layers of non-stick coating with a ceramic base reinforcement creating a compact film, always smooth and completely impermeable. Bioceramix is environmentally friendly, has no PFOA's and is lead-free. The patented inox double bottom is anti-warp, anti-skid and allows for even heat distribution; suitable for all cooking applications including induction. The VapSi Wok is treated with a non-stick layer inside and out making for easy cleanup. Made in Italy.
  • Exclusive bioceramix non-stick ceramic coating inside and out
  • Bioceramix is environmentally friendly, has no PFOA's and is lead-free
  • Patented inox double bottom is anti-skid and saves energy
  • Suitable for all cooking applications including induction



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